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  • Try something new...

  • 9th November 2014

  • No one would dispute that it is the pictures on these pages that mainly attract someone to the site and then on to making a booking. An image of a stunning woman is all it takes for some of us of the male persuasion to get hot under our collars! So, if a blog writer was to compete with genuine photographs of gorgeous girls what could they write to tempt you to sample the many delights of a beautiful and alluring woman? Would it be a description of her physical attractiveness that made you desire an hour or two in...

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  • Words can't do her justice...

  • 19th October 2014

  • Words rarely do justice to the thing being described, especially if that ‘thing’ is a woman. Regular readers of this blog will understand exactly what I am getting at. Whilst it is relatively easy to paint with broad brushstrokes and describe a woman as ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’, describe bodily features as ‘pert’. ‘toned’ or ‘attractive’ or discuss the merits of a friendly or outgoing personality none of this fully evokes just what it is that makes this woman special or that one irresistible. It’s like describing the functionality of an iPhone but failing to get across that touch of magic...

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  • The amorous couple next door...

  • 28th September 2014

  • What do you want to be doing this evening? I am sure that few people will respond stating that they want to be sitting on their lonesome in a grey hotel room looking out of the window and watching the world go by! If you have ever been in that situation when you are away on business in a town that you don’t know and you are longing for some action then in future just remember that South London Escorts and Surrey Escorts are always there for you.

    Don’t be on your own drinking overpriced miniatures from the hotel mini-bar. Don’t...

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  • Actions speak louder than words...

  • 8th September 2014

  • South London has something of a reputation for culture with the South Bank famed for its theatres. This all dates back as far as the Elizabethans – Shakespeare’s Globe theatre was on the South Bank next to a theatre called The Theatre – original! Being someone who thinks a little culture is sexy I often go to the Barbican and actually I meet some very interesting and charming men when I am dipping my toe in the cultural waters so to speak. Being an escort doesn’t mean that I don’t have a brain – there are loads of clever girls...

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  • What I live for...

  • 20th August 2014

  • I have never been one to covet material possessions. Many friends of mine dream of owning a super-fast Italian sports car. Others can’t wait to buy the latest large screen television. I have one friend who spends his life collecting old gold watches. None of that appeals in any way, shape or form to me. What I live for is the companionship of women, especially exciting and fun loving young women with beautiful bodies and an outgoing personality, the kind of sexy women who light up your life. I wouldn’t say it is an obsession of mine: that would be...

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  • Every night of the week...

  • 25th July 2014

  • What is your idea of the perfect holiday? If it doesn’t include plenty of one to one time with a beautiful woman then you can forget it as far as I am concerned. I understand when a friend waxes lyrical about bronzed beach babes in sexy bikinis on some soft sandy beach but personally I prefer to holiday at home where I know I can call South London Escorts and really get into the spirit of things. Given the cost of flights these days, what with all of the air passenger duty and other taxes not to mention the cost...

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  • A sensual odyssey

  • 12th July 2014

  • Have you ever been on a bender? I’m not talking about a night where you went a bit wild on the shots and woke up with a bad head. I am talking about a grade A drink fest where you woke up not knowing where you were, what you had done or what happened to your trousers type of bender! As someone who is more than able to handle himself when it comes to alcohol I haven’t had one of those experiences but a good friend tells me that there is nothing more disconcerting than knowing instinctively that you have...

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  • So friendly and attentive...

  • 21st June 2014

  • I have only been in the UK for a couple of months but I am having a ball. English men are so friendly and so attentive! I just love meeting up with a new client and having so much fun. I didn’t work as an escort in my homeland but when I came across here to visit a friend who worked as an escort I soon realised that it was the life for me.

    My friend Irina is also Eastern European and she has done lots of dancing and glamour modelling as well as escort work. The irony is that she...

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  • Incomparable pleasures

  • 2nd June 2014

  • There is no such thing as the perfect woman. So says a friend of mine. I think he is wrong. He bases his premise on the fact that he has spent time with all sorts of girls of all sorts of shapes and sizes, hair colour, nationality, personality and attitude and he says that he would not be able to differentiate if I asked him which of those intimate partners the ‘perfect’ woman was. But I think he has it all wrong. I think he is confusing separate incidences of comparable pleasure with that special something that a certain girl...

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  • Your leading lady

  • 27th May 2014

  • There is a new biopic of the actress and later Princess Royal Grace Kelly. It stars Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace of Monaco, the stunningly beautiful woman who deserted Hollywood to marry the handsome Prince Rainier of Monaco. She died in her early fifties in a tragic car accident.

    Grace Kelly first came to fame in the movie High Noon opposite an aging Gary Cooper. Though he was more than thirty years her senior it is rumoured that they had a passionate affair, despite the fact that Cooper was living with Cary Grant at the time. Let’s face it, a man...

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  • The epitome of pleasure

  • 5th May 2014

  • Man cannot live on bread alone! Wise words as any client of South London Escorts will tell you. Whilst food, drink and other essentials like a roof over your head and shoes on your feet are important it is the sustenance you give to your soul that makes life worth living. Think of a day, a week, a month passing without the comfort provided by a beautiful woman? That is a living hell no matter how much foie gras and champagne one might scoff. Just recently a good friend of mine decided that he was going to abstain from any...

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  • Do you want to...?

  • 17th April 2014

  • Is there any lingerie sexier than that produced by the famous Victoria’s Secrets line? If you are not familiar with the iconic brand I suggest you visit their website. You will not be disappointed I promise you. From traditional corsets, bra and panty sets, stockings and suspenders to basques and baby dolls, each and every item is sexual heaven! And what is even better is that Victoria’s Secrets gets the world’s most sexy women to model their creations for our delight and delectation! I think it should be a policy at South London Escorts that the girls wear Victoria’s Secrets...

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  • An eye for the ladies

  • 6th April 2014

  • I am so jealous of my best friend Derek. He’s always had an eye for the ladies and what is more they have always had a thing for him. He’s not the best looking guy either, it’s all in his charm, wit and personality. It’s also true that he has absolutely no fears when it comes to approaching beautiful women, none whatsoever.

    Take last Saturday for example. An ex-girlfriend of his with whom he is still on friendly terms (and will occasionally meet up with for a hot session if either of them is at a loose end) works as an...

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  • Excitement all the way!

  • 18th March 2014

  • In pubs up and down the country men are discussing the ideal woman. What constitutes your dream girl? What attributes does she have to possess to make your heart skip a beat? Is it all about sex, physique and cup size or does personality and attitude play a part? Are you a bum or boobs man? Do you always go for blondes or does a long haired brunette rock your world. Do you like fiery red heads or submissive girl next door types?

    It’s no coincidence that dating is such a minefield and littered with such disappointments. Just how many women...

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  • A rush of feeling that has to be experienced to be believed

  • 6th March 2014

  • According to Marcus Aurelius we covet what we see every day and yet I bet if you were asked to name your perfect woman you would opt for a celebrity, perhaps an actress or a singer. You may even choose an escort or a girl you have seen at a lap dancing club or simply enjoying a coffee at the local Starbucks. In other words you will select someone that you have never met or spoken to before someone you know well. At least that is what I firmly believe having set myself the very same challenge.

    You see, the woman...

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  • There's just no stopping me when it comes to fun!

  • 22nd February 2014

  • As a single man I do not have to worry about keeping a partner happy. I have to answer to no one, not least a jealous girlfriend who insists on keeping track of my every move. I once went out with a very saucy senorita who was a tiger in the bedroom but a bunny boiler in real life, checking my mobile phone and going through my pockets looking for evidence of any indiscretion. Thankfully I was aware of her predilection for snooping and so I kept myself one step ahead of her game. She never did find my little...

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  • Thrills and delights, teases and pleases

  • 12th February 2014

  • In the film ‘Singing in the Rain’ there is a beautiful leading lady who is a star of the silent silver screen. She plays opposite the dashing Gene Kelly and they are the talk of the town. Unfortunately with the advent of talking pictures her fatal flaw is exposed – she has a voice as grating and common as can be. Have you ever seen a girl in a bar and thought ‘what a stunner’ but when you started to chat her up she had the personality of a waffle and a voice that resembled nails on a chalk board?...

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  • When looking for female company make the right move!

  • 15th January 2014

  • I made a schoolboy error the other night when chatting up a couple of hot young things in my local boozer; I made a move on the wrong one! It was an easy mistake to make as both girls were being extra friendly and more than a little tactile and the conversation had steered towards matters of a sexual nature which is always a good sign. I had also avoided the temptation to suggest a threesome though I admit that I did spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating the possibility as the discussion continued and the wine flowed. I...

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  • Be transported to a world of pleasure...

  • 3rd January 2014

  • Don’t you just hate those pictures in the paper, on Twitter and Instagram showing celebrities sunning themselves on some far away beach whilst the rest of us less privileged individuals are stuck at home in the midst of heavy rain, flooding and icy cold winds? I certainly do. It’s like the sleb is rubbing our noses in it if you ask me. Rhianna, Myleeene, Simon Cowell and the rest already have great jobs and an easy life compared to us ordinary folks and then they go and say ‘hey look at me on my yacht in the Caribbean!’ There ought...

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  • Gorgeous, freindly and fun loving

  • 27th December 2013

  • I’m going off on way today because of an article I have read online which tries to differentiate between taking your clothes off because a script calls for it and appearing in sexy lingerie as part of an adult service. What is different between an actress taking off her clothes on camera and a lap dancer providing adult entertainment in a private booth? Nothing in my opinion and yet we live in such a hypocritical world that the former can achieve accolades and considerable wealth by cavorting nude on screen and the latter can be derided and abused even though...

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  • Just what you are looking for...

  • 20th December 2013

  • Of the many stunning girls on these pages which is the one that most floats your boat? I always thought that I had a particular type, a leggy blonde with a swivel in her hips and a naughty look in her eye. I’ve always been attracted to blondes, I don’t know why. I’m sure there is some psychologist out there reading this who knows the answer and is probably muttering ‘Freudian’ under his or her breath. Whatever is behind my blonde escort fixation I don’t know but I always look for new escorts who tick the boxes.

    But then the other...

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  • Can't get over the thought of her beautiful body lathered on oil

  • 11th December 2013

  • I was watching an old erotic movie with a mate of mine the other night, Emmanuelle 2. We just thought it would be a laugh but actually that Sylvia Krystal was one hot chick! There is this scene where her she and her husband visit an oriental massage parlour and enjoy a full body massage, each of them with a different girl but in the same room. I immediately began to think about how I could persuade my girlfriend to do the same.

    My girlfriend has always been bi-curious and so I am sure that she would be open to having...

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  • New girls and new experiences

  • 27th November 2013

  • Have you checked out any of the new girls here at South London Escorts? If you haven’t then may I suggest a quick scan of the online gallery as I am sure you will be more than impressed by the gorgeous girls who have recently joined the agency. From lovely Latin ladies to red hot busty escorts from Eastern Europe you will be more than impressed with the sexy selection of desirable girls available for intimate companionship and a sensual massage.

    Some clients build up a really great relationship with a particular girl and always book the same escort for a...

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  • Shall I compare her to...

  • 13th November 2013

  • Shall I compare an escort to a summer’s day? She is yet more lovely, more temperate, more dazzling and if you like things to be hot you will not be disappointed. Those who regularly follow this blog – all two of you – will know that I often wax lyrical about my favourite girls, visiting escorts one and all, and today is no different.

    Recently I had the good fortune to spend some time with a beautiful escort whose identity shall remain a secret – a gentleman is always discrete – and I have to say that I* enjoyed the best...

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  • Nothing on her mind but pure pleasure

  • 1st November 2013

  • I have to stop reading newspapers, especially the bits where they report on the latest ‘research’. Did you know that three quarters of women prefer to sleep with their pet than their partner? How shocking is that and how indicative of a lack of romance in long term relationships? Regular readers of this blog will already know my views on monogamy and being faithful to just one woman but suffice to say I haven’t read anything to make me change my mind. Today’s research only confirms my position that life is too short to be in a mundane and sexless...

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  • Mesmerising!

  • 30th October 2013

  • It is a well-known fact that a beautiful woman can drive a man to distraction but there has to be some limit to the bewitching effect if we are to sleep soundly in our cruise ship beds! The twenty something year old beauty Domnica Cemortan admitted in court yesterday that she was having a passionate affair with the captain of the ill-fated Concordia and that she was on deck with him at the time of the accident when it ran aground near the island of Giglio, just off the coast Italy. The Moldovan beauty – why does Eastern Europe produce...

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  • Who doesn't love a bunny?

  • 15th October 2013

  • I don’t want to be horrible or overtly sexist but did you see some of the women protesting at the opening of Hugh Hefner’s latest Playboy club? I’ll say no more except to suggest that you go online and log on to the BBC news sight.

    I have to say these protests have made me hopping mad as I am a big fan of Playboy bunnies. What’s not to like? Gorgeous, nubile and busty beauties trussed up in skin tight bunny outfits that make the most of their voluptuous assets. These are girls who spread joy as far as I am...

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  • Are you man enough?

  • 9th October 2013

  • Are you man enough to handle a date with not one, but two visiting escorts? That was the challenge set by a friend of mine who was boasting of his dating prowess and how he had enjoyed a sensual massage from a busty brunette escort and a beautiful blonde escort. Both of the girls were up for fun he explained and then he regaled me with a tale of such pure pleasure that I couldn’t help but say that I would just love to have been on the receiving end of their intimate attention. Of course his immediate retort was...

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  • Keep her to yourself

  • 8th October 2013

  • I’d love to see the stunning girls of South London escorts on Strictly. With their perfect curves and vivacious personalities they would be ideal for the glamorous dance show. I must admit that I do watch the programme. It’s not so much that I know my cha-cha-cha from my rumba, a salsa from a samba or a tango from the gay gordons. But, I do know a pretty woman in a sexy outfit when I see one and certainly Abby Clancy fits the bill. I’ve always had a thing for the diminutive Ms Clancy ever since she appeared on Britain’s...

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  • The night is young...

  • 3rd October 2013

  • Midway through Millie’s mesmerising and seductive strip tease her mobile phone rang, instantly destroying the mood. I sat up, ready to implore her to continue but it was clear that the new focus of her attention was whoever was at the other end of the line. A frown crossed her face, quickly followed by a mischievous look and then a broad smile. I could not have been more confused, not to mention acutely frustrated!

    It was clear that my hopes of a full blown romp were out of the window and so I began to dress, sulking as I did so...

  • The night is young... continues here

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