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Words can't do her justice...

19th October 2014

Words rarely do justice to the thing being described, especially if that ‘thing’ is a woman. Regular readers of this blog will understand exactly what I am getting at. Whilst it is relatively easy to paint with broad brushstrokes and describe a woman as ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’, describe bodily features as ‘pert’. ‘toned’ or ‘attractive’ or discuss the merits of a friendly or outgoing personality none of this fully evokes just what it is that makes this woman special or that one irresistible. It’s like describing the functionality of an iPhone but failing to get across that touch of magic that makes it what it is. It may not be the fastest, best, most functional or intuitive device but it is the most desirable. In a similar way the gorgeous girls at South London Escorts and over at East London Escorts can be described as beautiful, sensual, sophisticated and sexy but they are not some homogenous mass of woman hood: these are individual, exciting and vivacious women with qualities that have to be experienced in the flesh if they are to be fully appreciated. That’s why a blog or even a photograph in the escort gallery is not enough to capture their radiant charm and physical allure. You need to book your South London Escort and then enjoy what she has to offer in the comfort of your hotel room at your leisure. And many men have discovered that few girls can compare with a South London Escort, the best escorts in London and the South. Give in to desire today and book a South London Escort.