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9th November 2014

No one would dispute that it is the pictures on these pages that mainly attract someone to the site and then on to making a booking. An image of a stunning woman is all it takes for some of us of the male persuasion to get hot under our collars! So, if a blog writer was to compete with genuine photographs of gorgeous girls what could they write to tempt you to sample the many delights of a beautiful and alluring woman? Would it be a description of her physical attractiveness that made you desire an hour or two in her company? Or perhaps it is the warmth of her loving personality that you find most appealing and which needs describing in detail?

When it comes to body shape there are as many men who sing the praises of a curvy girl as there are those who prefer a more slim and toned beauty. Most men do have a type I suppose but there is a lot to be said for introducing a bit of variety into your life. Perhaps when it comes to the next girl you book you will choose to try out something and someone new. When it comes to the best massages in South London I don’t think you will be disappointed whichever South London Escort you choose.

But there is something extra special about a girl with a vivacious personality. I just love confident girls, women who can ‘own’ a room. There are escorts at South London Escorts and at North London Escorts who can walk into a hotel lobby and bring it to a standstill, just by her presence.

Words, pictures, you choose. Whichever escort you book from South London Escorts you have made a wise choice.