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“All You Need is Love” – how very true and thanks to the Beatles and Olympic Studios in Barnes that important message has been spread to the world! Coldplay, Madonna, Bowie, Clapton – many of the greats of rock and roll...

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The large town of Battersea is something of a conundrum, with some of the wealthiest parts of London co-existing side by side with some of the most deprived. Battersea is of course well known for the famous power station, though in actual fact...

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One stunning landmark in Bermondsey is a Russian T-34 tank that is parked on scrubland adjoining Mandela way. The tank is owned by a local resident and has been used in films and is also regularly adorned with artwork and graffiti. It really is...

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The centre of Blackheath is known as ‘the village’ and here you will find the main shopping and entertainment area. There are various cultural attractions in Blackheath including an art and music conservatory and a concert venue....

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The large town of Bromley in South East London is home to Bromley Visiting Escort Services, the number one escort agency in Bromley and surrounding areas. With only the most classy and cute escort beauties to serve your intimate companionship...

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Home to Charlton Athletic Football Club, the large district of Charlton has a cosmopolitan feel thanks to its mixed community and is a bustling and lively place. Being close to a number of business and financial centres it attracts a lot of...

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When you mention Clapham to most people it immediately conjures up an image of a vast green open space – the Common. Clapham Common covers over two hundred acres of space and features a number of ponds and walkways. It is a popular spot...

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Greenwich is famous the world over as the site of Greenwich Mean Time – a system referring to solar time. At noon GMT the sun is exactly over the Greenwich Meridian. Unsurprisingly, the Royal Observatory is located here. Greenwich was...

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Lambeth is situated right on the edge of the City of London and is blessed with copious tube stations and plenty of bus services. Its literary claim to fame is that it appears in a William Blake poem in which the spirit of the seventeenth...

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A veritable surfeit of the greatest names in British entertainment has lived or currently resides in Lewisham. Leslie Howard, star of the Scarlet Pimpernel lived here as did Jason Statham and Will Hay. The eccentric songwriter and performer...

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Putney is popular with rowing enthusiasts, with at least twenty rowing clubs located here. The Oxford versus Cambridge annual boat race begins in Putney. The town itself suffers from a lack of independent retailers, indeed it was voted one of...

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Roehampton is conveniently situated adjacent to Richmond Park, one of the largest urban green spaces in London and a haven for over six hundred deer. The flora matches the fauna and a day spent in Richmond Park, perhaps hand in hand with a...

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The Vauxhall motor company acquired its name from the area where it was founded in the eighteen fifties. It’s now based at Luton. The area now has a reputation as ‘gay friendly’ with a large number of gay bars and restaurants...

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There are three railway stations within or close to Wandsworth making it quick and easy to get into the capital for a night on the tiles or to do a little shopping or sightseeing. The High Street in Wandsworth is very busy with endless traffic...

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“Underground, over ground, wombling free, the Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we!” Now that takes one back doesn’t it! I defy you not to be singing the song in your head for the rest of the day... Apart from the Wombles many...

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Significant development is planned in Woolwich and not just because it is the chosen site for the Olympic shooting competitions. A waterfront leisure centre and new residential buildings have already been completed and there is more to come....

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